Jordi Mora Casanova    

CHF Fellow, 2010-2011

Jordi Mora Casanova holds a B.A. in chemistry and an M.A. in history of science from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). He is now a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for the History of Science at UAB. His interests are focused on alchemy and on chemistry of the 19th century. In his master’s thesis he researched José Ramón de Luanco (1825–1905), who was one of the introducers of atomism in Spanish universities. Luanco wrote some works on the history of alchemy in Spain. His interest in transmutation was not merely historiographical but also scholarly. In his lectures at the University of Barcelona he considered the possibility of transmutation between elements, not through alchemical praxis but as a scientific challenge to be solved in the future. This relationship between transmutation and 19th-century chemistry is the focus of the current stage of Jordi Mora’s Ph.D. dissertation.

Jordi Mora currently works as a scientific journalist at UAB. He has participated in many events related to the communication of and the history of chemistry, such as the recent series of speeches “From Alchemy to Nanotechnology: A Discontinous History of the Atom,” given by the faculty of the Department of Communication Sciences at UAB. He is now involved in a project at Purdue University that aims to analyze the relationships between the esoteric and the occult with the development of modern science.

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