Board of Directors

CHF’s Board of Directors is charged with fiduciary and policy oversight.

Robert G. W. Anderson (Vice Chair)
British Museum, retired

John D. Baldeschwieler
California Institute of Technology, retired

Richard J. Bolte, Jr. 
BDP International

John C. Chen
Lehigh University

Lewis E. Gasorek
Listowel, Inc.

Eduardo D. Glandt
University of Pennsylvania

Sharon Haynie

Madeleine M. Joullié
University of Pennsylvania

Laurie J. Landeau (Chair)
Listowel, Inc.

James B. Porter, Jr.
DuPont, retired

Carsten Reinhardt
Chemical Heritage Foundation

Jeffrey I. Seeman
University of Richmond

Charles Valutas
Sunoco, retired

George A. Vincent III
The HallStar Company


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