Board of Overseers

Board of Overseers members help CHF reach others who understand and appreciate chemistry’s impact on society.

Fred Aftalion
Maison de la Chimie

Ivan Amato

Paul S. Anderson
Merck & Company, retired

John J. Baldwin
Vitae Pharmaceuticals

Jacqueline K. Barton
California Institute of Technology

Rudy M. Baum
Chemical and Engineering News

Ronald C. D. Breslow
Columbia University

Mark J. Cardillo
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation

Pat N. Confalone
Confalone Consulting, LLC

Roy T. Eddleman
Spectrum Laboratories

Lawrence B. Evans
Cofounder, Rive Technology

Robert E. Finnigan
Finnigan Corporation

Marye Anne Fox
University of California, San Diego

Eugene Garfield
Institute for Scientific Information

James M. Gentile
Research Corporation

Robert W. Gore
W. L. Gore and Associates

Harry B. Gray
Beckman Institute, California Institute of Technology

Robert H. Grubbs
California Institute of Technology

Rajiv L. Gupta
Avantor Performance Materials

David W. Haas
The William Penn Foundation

Bruce J. Hach
Hach Scientific Foundation

Dudley R. Herschbach
Harvard University

Roald Hoffmann
Cornell University

Rachel K. King 
GlycoMimetics, Inc. 

Thomas B. Lewis
Chiral Technologies, retired

Maria Maccecchini
QR Pharma Inc.

Catherine C. Maxey
Trinseo LLC

Carver A. Mead
California Institute of Technology

Joseph A. Miller, Jr.
Corning Corporation

Gordon E. Moore
Intel Corporation

Mary Jo Nye
Oregon State University

Michael H. Ott
Polysciences, Inc.

Rudolph Pariser

Cecil B. Pickett
Schering-Plough Research Institute

Edward Richman
Richman Chemical Inc.

John D. Roberts
California Institute of Technology

Warren G. Schlinger
The Warren and Katharine Schlinger Foundation

Phillip A. Sharp
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Harold A. Sorgenti
Sorgenti Investment Partners

Peter H. Spitz
Chem Systems

Jeffrey L. Sturchio
Rabin Martin

A. Wayne Tamarelli
AWT Private Investments

John Meurig Thomas
University of Cambridge

Holden H. Thorp
Washington University

Richard N. Zare
Stanford University

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