PerkinElmer Donates Analytical Instruments to Collection in Pharmaceutical Technology Europe 

September 1, 2002 - Chester, UK

From Pharmaceutical Technology Europe 

PerkinElmer Instruments, a global provider of analytical solutions, has donated an extensive collection of historic analytical instruments to the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF), facilitating the study of the history of chemistry and preserving an important resource for future generations. Including CHF's current holdings, the collection of more than 300 analytical instruments will be the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the world. The unique collection will be exhibited in the CHF's soon-to-be-constructed Eddleman Research Museum.

"Chemical Heritage Foundation is honored to accept this gift and the trust that goes with it," said Arnold Thackray, president of CHF. "With the addition of the PerkinElmer Collection, we will bring together many of the instruments that made the scientific advances of the 20th century possible."

"Our decision to donate these instruments was driven by a commitment to preserving our scientific heritage," said Stephen P. DeFalco, president of PerkinElmer Instruments. "PerkinElmer is proud of its 65-year history as a technology innovator. We are pleased to be able to make this contribution today, and look forward to adding future innovations to the collection in the years to come."...

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