“It’s Elemental” Student Video Competition Winner to Be on ‘Today’ Show in Lancaster Online

Jesse Rohrer

Jesse Rohrer

October 28, 2011 - Lancaster, PA

A science award-winning Ephrata High School senior has been selected to appear on the “Today” show Monday.

Jesse Rohrer, 18, will perform an experiment during a segment on science scheduled to run sometime after 10 a.m. during the NBC show.

He was selected to appear, along with three other students, after winning an award last year in the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s “It’s Elemental” video competition.

Rohrer’s video on uranium, a takeoff on the “Back to the Future” movies, earned him a $5,000 science grant for his school.

According to his mother, Laurie Rohrer, the students will be performing science experiments using household items.

Link to Lancaster Online.

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