Party On, Niches in The Washington Post

Chemical Heritage

February 17, 2012 - Washington, DC

By Kristen Page

Print's not dead yet. Magazines with ultra-specific target audiences show signs of good health that mainstream outlets would kill for — lots of ads, glossy paper, high reader engagement. We dug through "Writer's Market 2011," a dictionary-thick listing of publications seeking freelancers, and selected 50 or so that accept "general interest" stories. These are the ones that answered our emails. We hope they'll answer our emails when we need jobs, too...

Chemical Heritage: three times per year, free subscription with donation to the Chemical Heritage Foundation,

Target audience: Science, not just chemical, lovers. Chemical Heritage teeters on the border between niche and general interest.

Best headline: "Pain-less Dreams: Visions of Early Anesthesia," the story that accompanies the evocative cover image above.

Useful in real life: A spoon made out of the element gallium looks like aluminum and melts in hot liquids. Tea-drinking friends, consider yourself punk'd.

Cocktail party tidbit: "Calorie" was first linked with nutrition during World War I, in the context of rationing. It didn't gain weight-loss connotations until the 1920s...


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