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CHF Analytic Instruments

March 18, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) is America’s leading museum, library, and center for scholars focused on the history of chemistry. It tells the story of chemistry and preserves the art, artifacts, instruments, documents, images, and books of more than 500 years of chemistry, alchemy, and early science.

Central to that story are the analytical instruments that make modern life and the modern world possible. CHF has the largest collection in the world of analytical instruments. And those instruments are central to the display and interpretation of chemistry, literally: Each of the four major displays in the museum is centered on an instrument that played a critical role in the development of 20th century science.

During Pittcon, CHF is open from 10 am–8 pm Monday through
Wednesday with shuttle service from the convention center on the hour.
(Visit the Museum at CHF from 4–8 pm on Sunday, but no shuttle service
will be available then.) If you walk, head east on Market Street from the
Convention Center, turn right at 6th Street and you will pass the Liberty
Bell. In front of you will be historic Independence Hall. Turn left on
Chestnut Street and CHF is two blocks ahead on the left.

About the CHF Collection

  • The largest collection of analytical instruments in the world, which play a central part in telling the story of chemistry in the CHF museum.
  • 6,000 rare scientific volumes from the year 1478 onward.
  • Largest collection of alchemy art in the world. Comic and captivating depictions of alchemy and alchemists in 300 paintings and drawings from the 16th through 19th centuries.
  • Analytical tools and artifacts that shaped the 20th century, including test
    samples of nylon stockings from the 1930s, early batteries, instruments
    and labware.
  • Largest collection of chemistry sets in the world. They were the subject of an episode of the television show Wired Science.
  • More than 20,000 photographs that illustrate the lives and work of individuals and groups as well as chemical processes and products.
  • The personal papers of such innovators as Daniel Fox and Carl Marvel and of Nobel laureates Paul Flory, Paul Lauterbur, Alan MacDiarmid, and Richard Smalley.
  • Organizational records, including the Dow Historical Collection and the Rohm and Haas Archives.

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