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Arnold O. Beckman

Arnold O. Beckman

March 19, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA

Fans the world over flock to Cleveland to see more than 700 men and women judged to be the real stars of rock and roll. This week, 37 rock stars of the world of analytical instrumentation are on display right here in the registration area at Pittcon 2013.

Just as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in nearby Ohio brings together the greatest names in rock and roll, the Pittcon Hall of Fame gathers the top names in the history of analytical instruments.

That list begins with none other than Arnold O. Beckman and the Beckman Model G pH meter introduced in 1934. Over the next half century Beckman Instruments became one of the great names in the rapidly growing field of analytical instruments in the United States and around the world. Betting on a winner at the beginning of a game is the mark of Beckman’s business career.

In the early 1950s Beckman saw the potential of semiconductors in electronics. He brought Nobel laureate William Shockley to the West Coast from Bell Labs in New Jersey and set him up in business to make transistors. Beckman wanted Shockley to begin his business near Beckman’s offices in the Los Angeles area, but Shockley insisted on living near his family in San Francisco Bay Area. The place we now know as Silicon Valley owes its existence to Beckman’s investment and Shockley’s desire to be near home.

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