Nine Nerdy Places in Philly That Topless Robot Forgot in NewsWorks

September 12, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA

As WHYY’s Elizabeth Fiedler and Zack Seward have reported today, Topless Robot contributor Chris Cummins today offered his picks for the 15 nerdiest places in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia contains multitudes ... of nerds. Cummins’ list—and we respect the effort, no doubt—barely scratches the surface of geekery at work in our fair city. Here are 9 more places any nerd worth her vintage Aeon Flux boxed set should know about and appreciate.

1. Centennial exhibition at the Please Touch Museum

2. Chemical Heritage Foundation Museum

3. Next Fab Studio

4. Hive 76

5. Barry’s HomeBrew Outlet in Old Kensington

6. Penn Museum Rotunda & Sphinx

7. Free Library Rare books collection (has Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe Collections, plus Dickens'  mounted raven Grip and his personal desk!)

8. Pennsylvania Hospital surgical ampitheater

9. Home Sweet Homebrew

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