“Seeing Is Believing” in Grid Magazine

Grid Magazine

November 1, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA

Excerpted from an article by Katy Diana

Air pollution is an abstraction. We know it’s there and it affects our health, but if we could see it, what could change? That’s one of the questions asked by Particle Falls, an art installation on the outside of the Wilma Theater. Particle Falls takes real-time air pollution data using a nephelometer, which measures particulates in the air using light, and translates that data into a different sort of light. When air pollution is low, smooth blue light falls towards Broad Street. When a bus goes by or a smoker exhales, the light changes to fiery crackles and dots. . . .

Particle Falls is part of Sensing Change, a larger exhibit at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) Museum. Through different media, Sensing Change shows a short- and long-term environmental changes and invites us to explore and respond to them. Read More.

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