Pittcon Heritage Award Winner Lynwood Walter Swanson Recognized on Pittcon Website 

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March 2, 2014 - Pittsburgh, PA

On March 2, 2014, Lynwood Walter Swanson was awarded the Pittcon Heritage Award by Pittcon and CHF. His work is now highlighted on the Pittcon website.

Excerpted from the Pittcon website 

Swanson personally pioneered the commercialization of advanced electron beam and ion beam sources for electron microscopy and focused ion beam instruments. In the 1990s, FEI became the major producer of focused ion beam instruments for the semiconductor industry. In the mid 1990s, after taking FEI public, Swanson merged FEI with Philips’ longstanding electron microscope division and with a rival ion beam instrument producer. In the early 21st century, FEI Company became a leading producer of scanning and transmission electron microscopes, as well as dual beam instruments that combine focused ion beams with electron microscopy and other analytical detectors. Learn about other award winners here.


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