“Dudley Buck’s Forgotten Cryotron Computer” in IEEE Spectrum

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March 19, 2014 - Philadelphia, PA

Excerpted from an article by David C. Brock

Immediately following the Second World War, electrical engineers grappled with a fundamental but open question: How should electronic digital computers be built? What kind of switch would serve best for logic circuits? And what should be used for main memory?. . .

Brock is a senior research fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s Center for Contemporary History and Policy. While writing Makers of the Microchip: A Documentary History of Fairchild Semiconductor (MIT Press, 2010), he learned of efforts to build briefcase-size superconducting computers during the 1950s. “I asked my history-of-technology friends, and nobody had ever heard about it,” says Brock. Read More.

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