“Documenting Climate Change through Art” in NewsWorks 

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March 20, 2014 - Philadelphia, PA

Excerpted from an article by Elisabeth Perez-Luna

Artist and photographer Diane Burko is not interested in painting quiet pretty landscapes; her canvases are about melting glaciers, eroded mountain ranges and large fragments of ice floating in chaotic waters. She is interested in showing the forces that are shaping change in nature and to do so, she works closely with scientists who are documenting and measuring our planet’s environmental transformations. . . .

Visualizing ecological transformations is at the core of the exhibition “Sensing Change” at The Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. The show, which runs until May 2, features Burko’s work along with that of other artists who want to interpret and translate serious research on climate change through their art. Christy Schneider curated the exhibition. She says Burko uses data as a point of departure, but her art transforms it into a gateway to scientific insight. Read More. 

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