“88-Year-Old Man Reclaims German Citizenship at the German Embassy’s Naturalization Ceremony” on Germany.info 

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May 8, 2014 - Washington, DC

Excerpted from an article on Germany.info 

Otto Theodor Benfey, an 88-year-old former chemistry professor at Guilford College, sits near the head of the table in a conference room at the German Embassy in Washington, waiting for his name to be called. He has traveled hundreds of miles from his home in North Carolina to attend a naturalization ceremony and regain the German citizenship he discriminatorily lost under the Nazi regime. . . . 

Benfey, who also served as editor for the American Chemical Society and later for the Chemical Heritage Foundation, is one of 13 Americans who claimed their German citizenship last week, celebrating their decision at a naturalization ceremony at the German Embassy. Read More.

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