Bisphenol A Safe, Says FDA in

August 15, 2008 - Philadelphia, PA

By Miranda Hitti
WebMD Health News

Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD

People with concerns about bisphenol A—including some scientists studying bisphenol A—see no proof that bisphenol A is harmless in humans.

Sarah Vogel, who will start a fellowship at the nonprofit Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia this fall, favors banning bisphenol A, but she doesn’t think that a ban is likely.

Earlier this week, Vogel told WebMD she expected the FDA would, “at a minimum, would decide to reduce the reference dose,” which is the acceptable amount of bisphenol A exposure in everyday life. That didn’t happen; the FDA’s draft report doesn’t mention changing the reference dose.

Vogel wasn’t immediately available to comment on the FDA’s draft report. The nonprofit Environmental Working Group—which Vogel doesn’t work for—issued a news release criticizing the FDA’s draft report. “We have long since lost faith in FDA’s ability to be an impartial authority on FDA’s safety. Time and again, FDA has sided with special interests instead of the public interest on this chemical,” Renee Sharp, a senior analyst with the Environmental Working Group, says in the news release.

Almost 93% of Americans have detectable levels of bisphenol A in their urine, Vogel observes, citing CDC data on urine samples provided by some 2,500 Americans aged 6 and older for a national health survey in 2003–2004.

Those CDC figures don’t connect bisphenol A to health effects. But the data, along with bisphenol A research on animals, “doesn’t make me feel great,” Vogel says. She’d like to see stricter safety standards and more research in people, as long as research doesn’t become a stalling tactic. “If it’s a way to delay any decision on BPA, it’s really frustrating,” says Vogel.

Hentges counters that “with bisphenol A, we already know so much about it . . . it’s not likely that anyone's going to do an experiment tomorrow that will render everything that we know today wrong.”

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