Chemical Heritage Foundation to Host Symposium on Batteries as the Driving Force in Creating Major Markets

May 13, 2010 - Philadelphia

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) will host a symposium that asserts battery innovations are the driving force creating major markets. 

The symposium will begin at 10 a.m. with a panel of experts with a wide range of expertise in energy topics.  The keynote address begins at 1 p.m. after a networking lunch. 

Patrick T. Moseley, president, Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium and manager, Electrochemistry, International Zinc Research Organization, Inc. will be a panelist and deliver the keynote address titled:

"The Lead-Acid Battery – 150 Years On"

Gaston Planté’s invention responds strongly to the demands put upon it by future automobiles.

Moseley is well-known author, lecturer and innovator in the field of batteries.  He is based in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Moderating the panel will be Albert Koenig, vice president, American Refining and Biochemical, Inc.  He is a physicist and consulting engineer in the greater Philadelphia area. He has been involved in numerous alternative energy development activities since 1975, including large solar thermal industrial energy projects, residential passive solar and photovoltaic applications, testing of the first 0.5 MWe wind turbine, advanced battery development for EVs, battery energy storage for on-site power, SOFC fuel cells, enhanced oil recovery and geothermal HVAC.

Brijesh Vyas, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, LGS Innovations, and Kevin Smith, director of technology, East Penn Manufacturing, are the other members of the panel. Vyas joined Bell Labs Lucent, the predecessor company of LGS Innovations in 1980 in advanced battery research and has a 30-year career studying energy conversion and related topics. Smith joined East Penn in the Analytical Services Group in 1980.

The symposium is the last meeting of the 2009-10 season of Joseph Priestley Society. The Joseph Priestley Society (JPS) promotes a deeper understanding of scientific, technological, and industry developments, with a special orientation to innovation and entrepreneurship.  

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