CHF Leads Nation in Fellowships in the History of Science

September 29, 2011 - Philadelphia

The Beckman Center for History of Chemistry at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) leads the nation in granting pre- and post-doctorate fellowships to scholars in the history of science in the United States. In the 2011–12 academic year, CHF will provide 18 fellowships: 10 short-term and 8 long-term fellows will receive grants totaling more than $300,000. In the current academic year, the National Institute for Humanities will not be funding research in the history of science.

“Many of our very generous donors have decided that endowing fellowships is one of the best ways to continue our work of telling the story of chemistry,” said Thomas R. Tritton, CHF's president and CEO. “Their generosity and foresight has given us this honor and responsibility. Attracting and supporting the best scholars enhances our work in preserving and interpreting the rich history of chemistry from alchemy to cutting-edge work in life sciences, materials science, and many other chemistry-related fields.”

CHF support of fellows began in the 1988–89 academic year with just one fellow supported by a grant from the Sidney Edelstein Foundation. Seymour H. Mauskopf of Duke University received a grant to study the history of explosives and gunpowder. In the 22 years since that first fellowship the scholars program at CHF has grown to the largest of its kind in the United States: 156 scholars have received short- and long-term grants from CHF since 1988

“Independent research libraries like CHF are providing crucial funding for education and scholarship in the humanities,” said Carin Berkowitz, associate director of CHF's Beckman Center. “There are very few jobs and little research money for historians right now, but their research explores issues of great social and sometimes even scientific significance—issues of ethics, of how knowledge is made, and of how our institutions and culture have developed over time. I am very fortunate to be at CHF, a relatively young institution that is nonetheless able to provide support to many talented scholars in the history of science. That support just isn’t available anywhere else right now.”

2011–12 CHF Fellowships and Fellows

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The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) fosters an understanding of chemistry’s impact on society. An independent nonprofit organization, we strive to

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