Chemical Heritage Foundation Adds Manager of Emerging Media

April 2, 2012 - Philadelphia

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) has named Jeffery Guin to the new position of manager of emerging media. Before joining CHF he was the public information officer for the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training for the National Park Service Preservation Research Center in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

“CHF reaches more and more of its diverse audience through emerging media,” said Shelley Wilks Geehr, director of CHF’s Roy Eddleman Institute. “Jeff will coordinate and expand our efforts to connect with audiences wherever their virtual lives take them.”

Guin will be responsible for developing a strategy for CHF’s new-media outreach, and then he will lead the implementation of it. Through his efforts CHF will have a richer Web presence and increased outreach through social media. Guin will also lead the development of interactives in CHF’s museum and apps for mobile devices, as well as explore game platforms.  

About the Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) fosters an understanding of chemistry’s impact on society. An independent nonprofit organization, we strive to
• Inspire a passion for chemistry;
• Highlight chemistry’s role in meeting current social challenges; and
• Preserve the story of chemistry and its technologies and industries across centuries.
CHF maintains major collections of instruments, fine art, photographs, papers, and books. We host conferences and lectures, support research, offer fellowships, and produce educational materials. Our museum and public programs explore subjects ranging from alchemy to nanotechnology.

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