Eugene Garfield Creates Grants Program at Chemical Heritage Foundation

May 9, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA

The Eugene Garfield Grants Program includes four fellowships for study of the history of information science, law, documentation, and chemical engineering in the chemical enterprise.

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) has launched the Eugene Garfield Grants Program featuring four fellowships that embody the entrepreneurial spirit and wide-ranging curiosity of Eugene Garfield and underline his many contributions to the scientific enterprise.

“At a time when research budgets are being slashed, Gene Garfield is strengthening CHF’s fellowship program,” said Thomas R. Tritton, CHF’s president and CEO. “We are honored to be the stewards of this important and generous gift. More deserving scholars will find support for their fledgling careers through Gene Garfield’s generosity.”

“CHF has the largest private fellowship program in the history of science and technology in the United States,” said Ronald Brashear, Arnold Thackray Director of CHF’s Othmer Library. “We credit our success to Eugene Garfield and other generous donors, who have given us the vision and resources to support historical research, and to individual fellows, who have helped establish CHF’s reputation.”

The Eugene Garfield Grants Program

The Eugene Garfield Grants Program, has three goals:

  • To exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and wide-ranging curiosity that characterize Eugene Garfield’s contributions to the scientific enterprise.
  • To promote the research of gifted scholars on the heritage and future of the scientific enterprise.
  • To draw on and contribute to the collections and conversations that inform the CHF community.

The Eugene Garfield Grants Program includes the following fellowships:

  • Theodore and Mary Herdegen Fellowships in the History of Scientific Information
    • Herdegen Fellowships are for scholars researching the production, transmission, and/or organization of scientific information. Preference is given to fellows focused on chemical information.
  • Noshir T. Mistry Fellowship in the History of Chemical Engineering
    • The Noshir T. Mistry Fellow is focused on the history of chemical engineering, including chemical-process engineering and chemical-product engineering.
  • Paul Otlet Fellowship in the History of Information Science
    • The Paul Otlet Fellow will conduct research on the documentation of information and its role in enabling and disseminating scientific discovery. Preference may be given to fellows studying information science before 1944; on the Internet; or work on the political dimensions of science documentation.
  • Raquel and Arthur Seidel Fellowship in the History of Intellectual Property and Patents
    • The Raquel and Arthur Seidel Fellow will work at the intersection of the chemical sciences and the law on issues of scientific progress as it relates to discovery, patenting, commercialization, and public perception.

Support of the Eugene Garfield Grants Program will promote scholarship in important territories, illuminating our understanding of the heritage and future of the scientific enterprise.

About the Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is a collections-based nonprofit organization that preserves the history and heritage of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences and technologies. The collections are used to create a body of original scholarship that illuminates chemistry’s role in shaping society. In bridging science with the humanities, arts, and social sciences, CHF is committed to building a vibrant, international community of scholars; creating a rich source of traditional and emerging media; expanding the reach of our museum; and engaging the broader society through inventive public events.

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