CHF to Present the Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries to Atsushi Horiba

Atsushi Horiba

February 25, 2014 - PHILADELPHIA

Atsushi Horiba, president, CEO, and chairman, Horiba Ltd., will receive the Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries on Heritage Day, May 15, 2014, at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF). Horiba is the eighth recipient of the award since it was first presented to Richard J. Bolte, Sr., in 2006.

“For more than two decades, Atsushi Horiba has led the company his father founded as it became one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation,” said Carsten Reinhardt, president and CEO of CHF. “Since the 1990s Horiba Ltd. has grown to serve five continents, with manufacturing and service operations around the world.”

About Atsushi Horiba

Atsushi Horiba has led Horiba Ltd., for more than two decades. Under his leadership the company, which has an 80% share of the world market in instruments that measure automobile emissions, has expanded to include businesses on five continents, with manufacturing and service operations around the world. The company has successfully diversified into instruments with medical, environmental, process, semiconductor, and other scientific applications.

Born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1948, Atsushi Horiba completed his university education in the United States. In 1971 he joined U.S.-based Olson-Horiba as a service engineer and later transferred to Horiba International Corporation and then on to Horiba Instruments, both based in California. He returned to Kyoto in 1977 as manager of the Overseas Technical Service Department of Horiba Ltd. In 1982 he was appointed director of the marketing division and then senior managing director in 1988. He became president and CEO in 1992 and took on the additional role of chairman in 2005. Throughout his years of guidance he has continued to support the original Horiba Ltd. corporate motto of “Joy and Fun” to inspire employees to take pride in their work and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Horiba was awarded L’ordre national du Mérite, Officier, in 1998 and L’ordre national de la Légion d’honneur, Chevalier, in 2010 by the French government. He is an ambassador of the University of California, Irvine, and is vice chairman of the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association.

Horiba holds degrees in physics from Konan University in Kobe, Japan, and in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of California, Irvine.

About the Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) established the Award for Supporting Industries in 2006. The inaugural award went to Richard J. Bolte, Sr., founder and chairman of BDP International. In 2007 CHF renamed the award the Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries. The award is presented annually by CHF to recognize outstanding contributions by a leader who provides products or services vital to the continuing growth and development of the chemical and molecular sciences community. Previous awardees are Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Eugene Garfield, Jerry M. Sudarsky, David and Alice Schwartz, C. Berdon Lawrence, Lawrence Evans, and G. Steven Burrill.

About the Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is a collections-based nonprofit organization that preserves the history and heritage of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences and technologies. The collections are used to create a body of original scholarship that illuminates chemistry’s role in shaping society. In bridging science with the humanities, arts, and social sciences, CHF is committed to building a vibrant, international community of scholars; creating a rich source of traditional and emerging media; expanding the reach of our museum; and engaging the broader society through inventive public events.

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