Chemistry Film Fest

Most people love movies. Whether drama, comedy, westerns, thrillers, romance, documentaries, or animation, what’s not to like about settling in for a couple of hours with popcorn and film?

But have you ever seen a chemistry movie? Obliquely maybe, in The Andromeda Strain, GATTACA, or The Absent-Minded Professor. But we count ourselves lucky if scientists are depicted as anything better than nerdy geeks who spend all their time wearing lab coats and not knowing how to behave in social situations.

But now, thanks to the good folks at Nature, we can watch videos that show chemists in full Technicolor glory. Following on a successful film feature with physicists last year, the Nature crew invited hundreds of young researchers to interact with Nobel laureates on the German island of Lindau. Then they filmed the proceedings and produced five totally beguiling movies.

A different member of the chemistry firmament is displayed each week in September: Aaron Ciechanover, Harry Kroto, Peter Agre, Richard Schrock, and the duet of Roger Tsien and Richard Ernst. The films are nicely edited, with cool graphics and an appealing soundtrack. If you love chemistry, check ‘em out!

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