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How Is Networking Useful, or Why Did I Leave the Lab for This?

On April 14, 2010, CHF hosted a networking event for local women chemists. What made this event unique is that the networking was focused on undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctorate women chemists from all over the Philadelphia area. Invitations were sent to all local chemistry departments, and participants represented six local colleges and universities. Intending to attract an audience that may not yet value the power of networking, the title of the panel discussion was How Is Networking Useful, or Why Did I Leave the Lab for This?

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Thinking about Ada Lovelace

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Oh, do you not know who Ada Lovelace is…? Unfortunately you are not alone. Ada Lovelace (1815–1852) was the daughter of Lord Byron and author of the first computer programs. While it is sad to forget the heroines of 19th- and earlier-20th-century science, neither should we forget the heroines of science today. I spent Monday at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco. My day began early with the Women in Industry breakfast. I met amazing women—and not just women in industry but women from all over the chemical world. I also met students who were networking and searching for their first jobs. Many of those young women—undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctorates—have lofty scientific dreams, and they should not fear they will be pushed to the margins as women. While I want to say that they will not be because this is the 21st century, one can never be certain.

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Is It Real?

Rummaging around your attic one day, you find a painting that looks like a Picasso. How do you know if it is real, and you are about to become very rich, or fake, and the item will be forever relegated to the attic?

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The Age of Wonder

Richard Holmes’ book, The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science, is witty, charming, inspiring, and highly recommended. So is the author, as I learned firsthand at a lecture he delivered at CHF last week.

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Chemistry Film Fest

Most people love movies. Whether drama, comedy, westerns, thrillers, romance, documentaries, or animation, what’s not to like about settling in for a couple of hours with popcorn and film? But have you ever seen a chemistry movie?

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Famous Scientists

Who were the most accomplished chemists of the 20th century? Of course such a question is unanswerable in any truly objective way, but that uncertainty doesn’t diminish our interest in speculating about “the answer.”

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