The Whole of Nature and the Mirror of Art: Images of Alchemy from the Roy G. Neville Historical Chemical Library

The Whole of Nature and the Mirror of Art cover detail

2006, Chemical Heritage Foundation
24 pp.
Paper, 10.5 x 9, ISBN 0-941901-42-4

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The Whole of Nature and the Mirror of Art, an ongoing exhibit at CHF, opened in July 2006 in conjunction with the International Conference on the History of Alchemy and Chymistry. Alchemy is extremely well represented in the Neville Collection. There are many of the famous emblem-books, numerous works on chrysopoeia (metallic transmutation), and scores of titles from little-known authors. The images in the exhibition and the catalogue are photoreproductions of engravings from alchemical books published in the 17th century.

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CHF’s Center for Oral History captures and preserves the stories of notable figures in chemistry and related fields. Many of the oral histories in the collection belong to winners of CHF’s awards, including

  • Arnold Beckman, winner of the Othmer Gold Medal (2000)
  • Robert Allington, winner of the Pittcon Heritage Award (2005)
  • Carl Djerassi, winner of the Othmer Gold Medal (2000), the AIC Gold Medal (2004), and the Ullyot Public Affairs Lecturer (1995)
  • Gordon Cain, winner of the Petrochemical Heritage Award (1997)

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