Transmutations: Alchemy in Art, Selected Works from the Eddleman and Fisher Collections at CHF

Transmutations Alchemy in Art cover detail

Lawrence M. Principe and Lloyd DeWitt
2002, Chemical Heritage Foundation
viii + 40 pp, illus
Paper, 10.75 x 8.75, ISBN 0-941901-32-7

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Alchemy is one of the most evocative subjects in the history of science. Alchemy made important contributions to the development of modern science while firing popular imagination so strongly that portrayals of the alchemist at work pervaded the arts. The more celebrated goals of alchemy, like transmutation of base metals into gold, still tease and tantalize. Transmutations offers a thoughtful look at the role of the alchemist in the 17th and 18th centuries, as depicted in a selection of paintings from the Eddleman and Fisher Collections housed at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. This beautiful full-color book reveals much about the beginnings of chemistry as a profession.

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