Understanding Moore’s Law: Four Decades of Innovation

Understanding Moore’s Law

Edited by David C. Brock
2006, Chemical Heritage Foundation

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The rise of semiconductor electronics, and the underlying manufacturing technology for them, is among the most important global developments of the past half-century. Integrated circuits—silicon chips—have transformed communication, transportation, commerce, military force, and culture. Clearly, insights into the dynamics that have brought us this silicon revolution are vital to our understanding of the world today, and our common future. This new offering from CHF places the silicon revolution in a broad context and charts Gordon Moore’s development of his eponymous law across its forty-year life.

Over the past four decades, Moore’s law has served as a remarkable guide to the dynamics of the silicon revolution. Born as an observation and medium-term prediction about the economic and technical trends at play in the youth of the semiconductor industry, it grew to become, at first, an industry expectation and, later, the organizing goal of a multibillion-dollar global industrial segment. With the proliferation of silicon chips into nearly every aspect of contemporary life, Moore’s law is increasingly looked to as a bellwether for the whole of technological development.


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Front Matter

Front cover, title pages, copyright page, table of contents, preface (1.35 MB)

Part One: Historical Introduction

Chapter 1: Before Moore’s Law: Lineages of Chemistry and Electricity (196 KB)
Arnold Thackray

Chapter 2: The Backdrop to Moore’s Law: Developments in Semiconductor Electronics to 1965 (844 KB)
David C. Brock

Part Two: Articulations

Chapter 3: A Clear Voice: the Origins of Gordon Moore’s 1965 Paper (826 KB)
David C. Brock

Chapter 4: Moore’s Original Essay (2.7 MB)
Gordon E. Moore

Chapter 5: Cramming More Components into Integrated Circuits (333 KB)
Gordon E. Moore

Chapter 6: Progress in Digital Integrated Electronics (521 KB)
by Gordon E. Moore

Chapter 7: Moore’s Law at 40 (2.2 MB)
Gordon E. Moore

Part Three: Reflections

Chapter 8: Reflections on Moore’s Law (212 KB)
David C. Brock

Back Matter

Bibliography, index, and back cover (505 KB)


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