Research Frontiers for the Chemical Industry: A Report on the Fourth Annual CHF-SCI Innovation Day, Warren G. Schlinger Symposium

Innovation Day 2007 cover

Hyungsub Choi and Jody A. Roberts
Research Frontiers for the Chemical Industry
2007, Chemical Heritage Foundation
12 pp.
Softcover, 8.5 x 11, ISBN 1437952747, Product #1437952747

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Innovation is inherently a social process—an activity performed by human beings and embedded in a particular time and place as part of an intricate network of disparate institutions. The driving force for technological innovation comes, frequently but not exclusively, from the pressures that shape real and perceived societal needs. Successful innovation is characterized not simply by invention, but by an abilty to successfully intermesh new ideas or methods with social context, to implement them and make them real. Because successful innovations enter society through diverse pathways, they often bring about an unexpected reconstruction of the social milieu. And once entrenched, successful innovations tend to become inextricably linked with that social world, making the possibility of extraction difficult.

Includes an introduction and summaries of panels from Innovation Day 2007: Eco-Friendly Products; Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering; Chemistry of Energy Sources; Health Materials; Electronic Materials; Emerging Global Economies.

About Innovation Day

Innovation Day brings young innovators and industry leaders together to celebrate innovation in the chemical industry today and seek solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.


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