Moving Images and Audio

CHF’s collections of moving images and audio are an untapped resource, consisting of 16-mm film reels, VHS cassettes, U-Matic videotapes, and reel-to-reel audio tapes. Features of this collection include the CHEM Study and Eminent Chemists series.

CHEM Study

An overview of the CHEM (Chemical Education Material) Study Program. This film series was produced by CHEM Study, College of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley. Some rights reserved.

The CHEM (Chemical Education Material) Study Program was established in 1959 on the recommendation of an ACS ad hoc committee as a response to the Soviet launch of “Sputnik” and a perceived American knowledge gap in the sciences. The program also produced a high school-level textbook with lab manuals and a series of twenty-seven instructional films. The project was used in other countries, which resulted in the creation of foreign-language versions of the texts and films.

Additional CHEM Study videos will be added to our Web site soon. More films from the series are available at the Internet Archive.

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