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Hudibras Beats Sidrophel and His Man Whacum

  • 1802
  • Engraved by Thomas Cook, after William Hogarth
    Made in London
  • Image: 9.25 x 13.5 in.
    Engraving on wove paper
  • Not on display
  • Gift of Fisher Scientific International
  • Fisher Collection
  • FA 2000.001.096
  • No known copyright restrictions


Hudibras confronts the astrologer Sidrophel in an apothecary's laboratory. A stuffed crocodile, a swordfish, a turtle, and other creatures hang from the ceiling. To the left is a hanging skeleton with an owl on its shoulder.


Quoth he, This Scheme o'th' Heav'ns set,
Discovers how in fight you met
At Kingnon with a May-pole Idol,
And that y' were barg'd both back & side well;
And though you overcame the Bear,
The Dogs beat you at Brentford Fair;
Quoth Hudibras, I now perceive
You are no Conj'rer by your leave;
That Paltry Story is untrue,
And forg'd to cheat such Gulls as you.
Not true Quoth he? how 'ere you vapour,
I can what I affirm make appear;
Whacum shall justifie' t' your face,
And prove he was upon the Place.
Nor have I hazarded my Art,
And Neck, so long on the State's part,
To be expos'd i' th' End to suffer,
by such a Braggadocin Huffer.
Huffer! Quoth Hudibras, This Sword
Shall down they false throat cram that word,
Ralpho, make haste, and call an Officer,
To apprehend this Stygian Sophister;
Mean while I'll hold 'em at a Bay,
Lest he and Whacum run away & c.

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