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The Distinguished Men of Science of Great Britain Living in the Years 1807–8

  • 1862
  • Engraved by Walker and Echel. Published by W. Walker & Son, 64 Margaret Street, Cavendish
    Made in London
  • Image: 16 x 41.5 in.
    Engraving on wove paper
  • Not on display
  • Gift of Fisher Scientific International
  • Fisher Collection
  • FA 2000.001.225
  • No known copyright restrictions


A group portrait of 52 leading British scientists in the early 19th century assembled in a large library of the Royal Institution. Among those present are Henry Cavendish (1731–1810), discoverer of hydrogen and the decomposition of water; John Dalton (1766–1844), discoverer of atomic theory; Humphry Davy (1778–1844), discoverer of sodium, potassium, barium, and magnesium; William Herschel (1738–1822), discoverer of Uranus; Edward Jenner (1749–1823), creator of the smallpox vaccination; Count Rumford (1753–1814), the American science teacher named Benjamin Thompson, who founded the Royal Institution; and James Watt (1738–1819), inventor of the steam engine.

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