Research Frontiers for the Chemical Industry: A Report on the First Annual CHF-SCI Innovation Day, Warren G. Schlinger Symposium

Arthur Daemmrich and Cyrus Mody
Research Frontiers for the Chemical Industry series
2005, Chemical Heritage Foundation
24 pp
Soft cover, 8.5 x 11, Product #1-52569-002-3

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Over the past century the chemical industry has been marked by transformations related to product and process innovations, the evolution of global markets, and the expansion of regulatory mandates. Today, the chemical industry faces a unique set of challenges from the rapid emergence of new fields and the maturing of existing methods for manufacturing. Based on findings from the first annual CHF–SCI Innovation Day, which explored frontier areas for industrial chemistry, this white paper argues that the industry’s future lies in exploring diverse areas for research and development (R&D) rather than a narrow focus. As core inventors and manufacturers of the material basis of modern life, chemical firms are uniquely positioned to avoid waves of creative destruction prevalent in other sectors. By reinvigorating R&D, developing new markets, and engaging the public in a new dialogue about the risks and rewards of emerging technology, chemical firms can promote a new wave of innovation and rejuvenate the industry.

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