Research Frontiers for the Chemical Industry: A Report on the Fifth Annual CHF-SCI Innovation Day, Warren G. Schlinger Symposium

Innovation Day 2008 cover

Hyungsub Choi
Research Frontiers for the Chemical Industry
2009, Chemical Heritage Foundation
13 pp.
Paperback, 8.5 x 11, ISBN 1437970273, Product #1437970273

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Now in its 5th year the Chemical Heritage Foundation CHF-SCI Innovation Day and Warren G. Schlinger Symposium has had the most successful event in its short history. The key concern is to exchange and debate broad viewpoints on innovation in the chemical industry rather than to discuss scientific and technical details. The proceedings provide a unique opportunity for young industrial chemists to take a step back from their day-to-day operations to contemplate the bigger picture, expanding their outlooks into the broader social, economic, and political contexts that impinge on contemporary innovative activities in the chemical and molecular science industries. 

Includes summaries of panels from Innovation Day 2008: Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering; Electronic Materials; Chemistry of Energy Sources; Health Materials; and Emerging Global Economies, and Appendix I: Mapping the Future of Science and Innovation.

About Innovation Day 

Innovation Day brings young innovators and industry leaders together to celebrate innovation in the chemical industry today and seek solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.


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