Co-Innovation of Materials, Standards, and Markets: BASF’S Development of Ecoflex

Co-Innovation of Materials, Standards, and Markets cover

Arthur Daemmrich
Studies of Materials Innovation
2010, Chemical Heritage Foundation
29 pp
Softcover, 8.5 x 11

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Product innovation in the chemicals sector today requires not just scientific and technological advances but also compliance with standards and regulations, along with marketing to sophisticated intermediate firms and end users. 

Yet the very novelty of new materials often means that product standards, health and safety regulations, and consumer markets are underdeveloped or absent. For new materials that offer environmental advantages over existing products, a lack of widely accepted product standards can doom market introductions. 

This report presents a case study of Ecoflex, a biodegradable polymer manufactured by the German chemical company BASF.

About Studies in Materials Innovation

Part of the Robert W. Gore Materials Innovation Project, this white-paper series aims to illuminate the diverse contributions of materials innovation within the broader process of technological development in the contemporary age.

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