Innovation and Regulation on the Open Seas: The Development of Sea-Nine Marine Antifouling Paint

Innovation and Regulation on the Open Seas

Jody A. Roberts
Studies in Materials Innovation
2009, Chemical Heritage Foundation
14 pp
Soft cover, 8.5 x 11, Product #143795278X

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The development of Sea-Nine marine anti-fouling paint linked agricultural biocides, coatings research, and federal and international regulation. The introduction of the marine coating in the 1990s was heralded as a “green” alternative to the toxic coatings used up to that point. Arriving at the final product, however, required the team at Rohm and Haas to negotiate a tricky technical and legal terrain. Work through the regulatory systems helped open new market possibilities for the company and place Sea-Nine at the forefront of a previously unexplored marketing niche. This case study offers a number of important lessons for current molecular research, emphasizing the role of collaboration for expertise and the ways in which regulation can spur the innovation process.

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Part of the Robert W. Gore Materials Innovation Project, this white paper series aims to illuminate the diverse contributions of materials innovation within the broader process of technological development in the contemporary age.

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