New Chemical Bodies: A Conversation on Human Biomonitoring and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

New Chemical Bodies cover

Jody A. Roberts
Studies in Sustainability
2008, Chemical Heritage Foundation
29 pp.
Softcover, 8.5 x 11, Product #1437952755

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This paper follows on the 2007 Gordon Cain Conference, “New Chemical Bodies: Biomonitoring, Body Burden, and the Uncertain Threat of Endocrine Disruptors” held at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in March 2007. The conference gathered together experts from academe, government, industry, and NGOs working in fields as diverse as public health, endocrinology, chemistry, sociology, history, and law in order to gather perspectives on current understandings of the ways human biomonitoring studies and research into the endocrine-disrupting effect of chemicals are changing the landscape and discourse of public health in the United States.

This paper presents an outline of the conference and harnesses the discussion that took place in order to offer the thoughts and suggestions made by participants to interested parties working in fields directly related to or impacted by research into these two emerging fields of scientific investigation.

About Studies in Sustainability

The Studies in Sustainability series serves as a forum for discussion about the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in transforming chemistry into a tool for sustainability. The series, which highlights the intersecting roles played by emerging science, innovation, regulation, standards, and civil action, aims to publish dynamic new research examining the links between chemistry, sustainability, and pressing environmental and human health concerns.


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