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Spring 2016 | Volume 2, Number 1


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Also In This Issue

The Cancer-Free Dwarfs of Ecuador

In the 1990s, researcher Jaime Guevara-Aguirre won a bet whose payoff could be huge for human health.

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It’s Alive!

A child’s toy brings life into focus.

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Visual Evidence

Freelance inventor, litigious chemist, and explosives expert—the many lives of Walter O. Snelling.

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Science, Protector of the Common Good

In the late 19th century booming cities faced a new threat—their own food.

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Rebel without a Chemistry Set

As child labor gave way to child education in the early 20th century, do-gooders sought a novel solution to juvenile delinquency.

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The Reformer

Focusing on learning the facts may impede real learning, argues chemist and education advocate Bruce Alberts. Read what else he has to say in our interview.

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Speaking in Tongues

In the scientific realm how did one language come to rule them all?

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The Magic of It All

How Victorians found a foolproof way to make science interesting for their children.

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Elements of Invention

The lives of imaginary elements.

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