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Summer 2015 | Volume 1, Number 2


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Also In This Issue

The Machiavelli Microbe

Can a parasite in your cat’s litter box take control of your mind?

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Strange Things

In a time filled with wonder and discovery, separating the fake from the real was not always easy.

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A Successful Failure

Silly Putty’s serious past.

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The Artist in the Laboratory

Albert Edelfelt broke the rules when he painted his friend Louis Pasteur in the scientist’s natural element.

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A Cloudy Past

Before today’s cell-phone, laptop, and TV screens, there was a whiskey advertisement.

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Hard-Headed Man

The forgotten life of the scoundrel who created modern concrete.

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The Best of Intentions

Sometimes the people in charge of keeping us safe know just enough to put us in even greater danger.

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A Vulnerable Earth

Through attempts to weaponize Earth itself, Cold War researchers unintentionally created a new understanding of a fragile planet.

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On the Air

From its beginnings the power of television to inform has often been undercut by the commercial demands of the medium.

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Lost in Space

As digital museum exhibits age, cutting-edge technology is cutting both ways.

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