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Spring 2015 | Volume 1, Number 1


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Also In This Issue

The Strange, Gruesome Search for Substance X

John Hughes worked his way through uncounted pig brains to find the human body’s natural painkiller.

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Brave New Butter

Discover the age of “prophetic chemistry,” a time when chemists dreamed of new foods.

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The Blockade Runner

During the Napoleonic Wars one man in particular kept scientific knowledge flowing between enemies.

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Coffins in a Bottle

A story of horror, deadly medicine, and the Ku Klux Klan.

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Blast from the Past: Atomic Age Jewelry and the Feminine Ideal

Designers of the 1950s took up the atom and turned it into a fashion icon.

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Health by the Numbers

Jennifer Weeks visits Boston’s Museum of Science to discover how personal data are being used.

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Life and Death

Bruce J. Hunt takes a tour through the history of radioisotopes, used to study and treat disease and to unlock the secrets of DNA and photosynthesis.

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Carl Djerassi’s Lives in Science

Carsten Reinhardt investigates Carl Djerassi’s latest autobiography and finds not just a scientist but a fiction writer.

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Horror Show

Michal Meyer visits the Mütter Museum and learns just how much the Civil War affected medicine.

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Of Woodcuts and Metalcuts

James Voelkel, CHF’s rare-books curator, delves into the details of old illustration techniques.

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