Episode 20: Spring Cleaning


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Tuesday, April 22 was Earth Day. Amid all the hubbub about “going green,” it’s a fair question to ask how much power individual consumers have to reduce their environmental impact. Today’s show looks at a range of environmental issues at three different points on the individual/collective responsibility spectrum. Producer Jori Lewis takes a closer look at the European Union’s new approach to chemical regulation, the REACH agreement. CHF’s Jody Roberts interviews John Mullins, president and CEO of Sun and Earth, a company that makes non-toxic cleaning products. Element of the Week: Fluorine.

Show Clock

00:00     Opening Credits
00:32     Introduction
01:18     Element of the Week: Fluorine
02:48     REACH: A New Approach to Chemical Regulation
07:44     A Conversation with John Mullins, Sun and Earth 
10:38     Quote: Francis Bacon
10:54     Closing Credits

Resources and References

On new scientific concerns about fluoridation: A summary version of a 2006 National Research Council report on the dangers of flouridation may be downloaded free of charge. You can also purchase the entire report from the NAS.
On REACH, including links to many official EU documents: this helpful introduction from the EU.


Special thanks to Jody Roberts for researching the show.

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Additional music was provided by the Podsafe Music Network. The music for the Element of the Week is “Mexico,” by The King of France. At the show ID, you’re hearing “No Words,” by Jason Steele Ensemble. The music underneath the quotation is “Paradise on Earth,” by Satya.

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