Episode 81: Light

Image courtesy NASA/GSFC via Flickr.

Image courtesy NASA/GSFC via Flickr.

Let there be light! Whether it comes from the sky or a bulb, we’d be lost without it. In this episode of Distillations we first examine new developments in solar power. Next, we explore how light can be used to treat those with seasonal affective disorder. And finally, producer Jim Burress takes us through a guided history of lightbulbs, starting in Louisville, Kentucky, with Thomas Edison’s most illuminating invention. Chemical Agent: Organic Solar Cells.

Show Clock

00:00 Opening Credits
00:31 Introduction
01:01 Chemical Agent: Organic Solar Cells
03:54 Mystery Solved! Seasonal Affective Disorder
06:42 Feature: The History of Lightbulbs
11:21 Closing Credits


This show was written and researched by Hilary Domush, Michal Meyer, and Erica Stefanovich.

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Additional music from the PodSafe Music Network. Additional music includes “Bacon Wine,” by Jim Tyrrell, ”Madam, Madame!” by Firefox AK, and ”Snows No Fun At All,” by Danny Daughtridge Trio.

Image courtesy NASA/GSFC via Flickr.

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