Episode 133: Halloween Candy

Peter Grewling making candy corn at the CIA.

Peter Grewling making candy corn at the CIA. Image courtesy of Mia Lobel.

Trick or treat! On today's episode of Distillations we give you a taste of both. First we introduce you to a candy called Drop that tastes like a mouthfull of chlorinated saltwater yet has a devoted following in the Netherlands. Then producer Mia Lobel joins the Culinary Institute of America's Peter Grewling for a demonstration on how chemistry is to thank for some of her favorite candies—and part of some confectioners' top secret recipes. 

Show Clock

0:00 Opening Credits
0:34 Introduction
1:39 Salt Licorice
5:29 Making Candy Corn at the Culinary Institute of America
12:46 Closing Credits


Special thanks to Ryan Carty and Mia Lobel for researching today's show. 

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Music from Music Alley includes "Halloween Night by Dino-Mike," by The FuMP. Music from the Free Music Archive includes "Candy," by Caravan of Thieves, and "I Can't Stop Eating Sugar," by Ed Schrader's Music Beat.

Teaser image courtesy of Flickr user Juushika Redgrave. Main image courtesy of Mia Lobel.

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