Episode 134: Is Anybody Out There?


Are there human-like beings in other galaxies such as this one? Image courtesy of NASA.

The immensity of the universe is overwhelming to comprehend. Pondering your place among so many planets and galaxies can't help but create a tremendous sense of awe and wonder. On today's show, we take a similar moment to evaluate not just our position in the world but also the origin of the world itself. First we hear how a skeptic of Big Bang Theory accidentally gave it validity. Then we talk to researchers sending messages to space to greet any extraterrestrial beings listening in.

Show Clock

0:00 Opening Credits
0:33 Introduction
1:19 Debating the Big Bang Theory
3:48 The Interstellar Rosetta Stone
11:35 Closing Credits


Special thanks to James Voelkel for researching today's show. 

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Music from Music Alley includes "Space Music, 1986," by Al Phlipp and The Woo Team, "Alien Attack," by PEANUTHEAD, "Circus Alien," by Kernel Drop, and "alien alchemy," by manmanly.

Image courtesy of NASA.

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