Episode 138: Your Genome


Four nucleic acid bases, represented by the letters A, C, G, and T, make up your DNA. Researchers are working to decode their secrets. Image courtesy of Flickr user skreck.

Each of us is made of more than 20,000 genes that determine everything from our tendency towards baldness to our likelihood to suffer from Alzheimer's disease. On today's episode of Distillations we look at how researchers have sought to identify our individual genomes and how they can be interpreted. First, we learn how advances in DNA sequencing technology are increasing the likelihood that soon we will all have our genomes mapped. Then we talk to an expert in personalized medicine about the pros and cons of having such sensitive information available.

Show Clock

0:00 Opening Credits
0:32 Introduction
1:36 The $1,000 Genome
4:56 Interview: Michael Christman
12:57 Closing Credits


Special thanks to Jennifer Dionisio for researching this show. 

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Music from Music Alley  includes "That Spells DNA," by Jonathan Coulton. Music from the Free Music Archive includes "Divider," by Chris Zabriskie, and "II //\\ II," by Discount Fireworks. This episode also features "Terrarium Vacation," by Andrew Chalfen.

Image courtesy of Flickr user skreck.

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