Episode 174: Water Webs

Water Web

Most people have heard the term 'food webs.' But have you heard about 'water webs'? Find out more on today's show. Image courtesy of Flickr user shinybluesmiles. 

Delicate ecosystems are facing incredible pressure from a range of sources. On today's episode of Distillations we look at two areas whose animal populations are feeling the heat. First producer Diane Hope learns about how isotope chemistry allowed a team of ASU ecologists to pinpoint how climate change is parching desert creatures in the riparian zone. Then CHF's Jody Roberts talks to Johanna Kraus, a U.S. Geological Survey ecologist who studies how industrial contamination is impacting animals in the Rocky Mountains.

Show Clock

00:00 Opening Credits
00:33 Introduction
01:10 Water Webs
09:10 Interview: Johanna Kraus
14:40 Closing Credits


Special thanks to Diane Hope and Jody Roberts for researching this show.

Our theme music is composd by Andrew Chalfen. Additional music includes "The Agency of Missing Hearts," by et, "Ethereal Mood in Blue," by Clorofila Azul, and "Unt027" and "Shuffleground Clandestine," by yan_g from the Free Music Archive

Teaser image courtesy of Flickr user shinybluesmiles.

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