Episode 183: Atomic Power and Promise: What's Become of Our Nuclear Golden Age?

Atomic bomb.

Atomic bombing of Japan. Wikimedia Commons.

Some say we are on the verge of a bright future in which nuclear power will play a major role in responding to climate change. Others say that we should expect more Fukushimas. Whichever way our nuclear future goes, there will be tradeoffs between energy and the environment.

Hosts Michal Meyer and Robert Kenworthy speak with nuclear historians Alex Wellerstein and Linda Richards. They discuss how our turbulent nuclear past has shaped, for better and for worse, our current attitudes.

Show Clock

00:00 Opening Credits

00:20 Introduction

2:19 From Atoms for Peace to Them!: Atomic energy in politics and science fiction.

3:59 Conversation with Linda Richards and Alex Wellerstein

33:08 Closing Credits


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