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Distillations podcast explores the human stories behind science and technology, tracing a path through history in order to better understand the present. Our hosts are Michal Meyer, a historian of science and editor in chief of Distillations magazine, and Bob Kenworthy, CHF’s in-house chemist. Each month we explore stories from the intersection of science, culture, and history.

Episode 105: Periodic Table Contents

In this week’s episode we pay tribute to the periodic table. We talk to Sam Kean, author of the best-selling book The Disappearing Spoon; hear an excerpt from Primo Levi’s book, The Periodic Table; and introduce a competition you should enter!

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Episode 104: Essential Elements – Earth

This week we begin our 4-part series about earth, air, water, and fire. Today’s episode is about earth and the Marcellus Shale.

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Episode 103: Herbal Remedy

Before pharmaceuticals existed, all medicines had to come from natural sources—like plants. On this week’s show we focus on such remedies.

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Episode 102: Best of Distillations #6

We continue to bring you some of our favorite segments from past Distillations episodes this week: Senescence, Richard Holmes, and Boy Rocketeer.

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Episode 101: Best of Distillations #5

This month Distillations takes a step back to bring you some of our favorite segments from past episodes: Glenn Seaborg, the Three Sisters, and Living with Illness.

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Episode 100: Birthday Episode

Distillations marks our 100th episode this week! To celebrate, we revisit segments from some of our past shows and bring you new developments.

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Celebrate 100 Episodes of Distillations

CHF’s award-winning science podcast hits a milestone.

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Episode 99: Summer BBQ

Halfway through July, we are just about in the middle of summer. So we thought it would be appropriate to talk about meat and barbecuing in this week’s episode of Distillations.

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Episode 98: Climate Engineering

As atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, does the world have to get hotter? Controlling the earth’s weather and climate is this week’s topic.

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Episode 97: Immortality

If you could live forever, would you? Though most believe this to be a hypothetical question, there are some scientific processes that impart eternal life, or something like that, to actual creatures on earth.

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The Museum at CHF

The Museum at CHF

Explore the fascinating history of chemistry and the role science plays in the modern world at our museum in Philadelphia.


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