Welcome to the fascinating world of Chemical Heritage, where chemistry, history, and culture connect. Chemical Heritage, a 48-page color magazine, is published three times a year. Our format and frequency has changed over 25 years of publication, but our dedication to telling the human side of scientific achievement remains.

Our articles span time, space, and the many stories of chemistry, and range from alchemy to winemaking; from the history of photography to climate engineering; from authenticating a possible Leonardo to Soviet posters.

Chemical Heritage is the magazine of the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF). As an independent non-profit organization CHF seeks to foster an understanding of chemistry’s impact on society. CHF strives to preserve the story of chemistry from the distant past to the present and to inspire a passion for chemistry in its broadest sense.

Contributing to CHF’s mission are a library—with books dating to the 15th century; a center for scholars and their research, which ranges from alchemy to molecular science; a contemporary history and policy center; a public outreach arm; a museum; and archives.

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