Nature Chemistry

A new journal is usually a sign of vitality and excitement in any field. And if that journal reaches the caliber of the venerable Nature family of publications, the excitement hits an even higher energy level.

And so the arrival of Nature Chemistry—surely cause for excitement—does not disappoint. The inaugural issue has everything from microtubes, to attoreactors, to molecular rotors. In other words, something for everyone, except normal people (smile).

Seriously, I couldn’t stop reading it. The special section called “The Future of Chemistry” is from a collection of eminent chemists speculating on frontier possibilities from synthesis, to tools, to complex systems. There are also book reviews (sometimes better, and certainly faster, than reading the book), job postings (essential in these times), and Natures indispensable “News and Views.”

There are even regular research papers, all up to Nature’s high editorial and scientific standards.

Best of all, you can peruse the premiere issue on the Web for free. And if you love print, you can subscribe for 25% off.

Such a deal, and one even a frugal chemist could love.

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