Women in Chemical Industry

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This week’s Chemical and Engineering News reports on the current status of women in the chemical industry.  While the gains for 2010 are not as great as they were in 2009, CEN does show women making continued advances at the executive level.  

The survey results for chemical companies indicate 

  • 13.4% of  company directors are women versus 13.2% last year
  • 9.6% of executive officers are women versus 8.3% last year
  • 2 female CEOs: Ellen J. Kullman of DuPont and Lynn L. Elsenhans of Sunoco
  • 1 female CFO: Sallie B. Bailey of Ferro

Although brief, the CEN article mentions the evolving needs and demands of women in the workplace and argues that industry must foster work environments in which women in particular can devleop managerial and executive skills.  Such an argument echoes what I have heard in my Women in Chemistry oral history interviews with women from industry.  

For more information about the Women in Chemistry interviews please contact me.


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