Brownfield Clean Up

Chicago brownfield by Lucy A. Little via flickr

Chicago brownfield by Lucy A. Little via flickr

Earlier this month New York City’s mayor announced the launch of a brownfield remediation program in the city. Brownfield remediation is becoming a better-known topic lately, as more and more brownfields throughout the urban United States are getting cleaned up.

Brownfields are generally found in urban areas, where a factory once stood. The factory site is now a vacant lot, often contaminated by toxic chemicals. Some brownfields have been named Superfund sites, receiving federal money to clean them up. Other brownfields are cleaned up with city government money and/or with incentives from the city government. Brownfields can become the site of housing developments or even urban farms!

Last summer Distillations took a look at the idea of brownfield remediation in our Space and Place episode. Have a listen and tell us what you would do with a converted brownfield.

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