Full of Fellows Once More

New Fellow John Stewart at work in the Othmer Library.

The 2010–2011 Beckman Center fellows have started to arrive at CHF. The lights and life are coming back to their cluster of offices after the lull of the summer. This year’s group seems like a personable one, certainly composed of accomplished and interesting people.

There are now six scholars in residence, with another two coming in the next two weeks, and nine additional fellows trickling in over the weeks and months following. These fellows reap the benefits of fellowship (library access, offices, computers, and of course stipends), but they also give a great deal to CHF. We rely on fellows to use the library’s collections and to showcase them through dissertations and articles. We count on them to bring us together on Tuesdays for Brown Bag Lectures. It is one of the special qualities of CHF that its staff and fellows attend such lunches, regardless of their own personal research interests, as plenty historians of science find themselves in history departments where their talks aren’t as well-attended because their work is seen as relatively foreign.

This year’s fellows come from diverse backgrounds and different departments, from foreign countries and from across the United States. Their interests range from Metal Assaying in Early Modern England to Air Quality in the Urban Centers of 19th-Century America to Late 20th-Century Medical Foods, but they all share an interest in and commitment to historical understandings of chemistry and related sciences and their material, cultural, social, and political contexts. I expect that we at CHF will find our own interests broader and more developed as a result of our interactions with them. We will post updates about their talks here so that our virtual community can learn from them as well.

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