A Successful Innovation Day!

Innovation Day 2010

Innovation Day 2010

A large number of industrial scientists and engineers gathered at CHF last week to attend the 2010 SCI-CHF Innovation Day. The event kicked off in the evening of September 22, with a keynote speech by DuPont Chief Innovation Officer Tom Connelly on the challenges for innovation in the 21st century. The following day was the all-day Warren G. Schlinger Symposium. The symposium opened with an opening speech by Jingguang Chen, a professor at the University of Delaware, who introduced his unique research approach on biomass conversion. Then the participants split up into five breakout groups, discussing aspects of the broad challenges facing the chemical industry—including energy and sustainability, water and globalization, as well as ways to streamline technology and innovation managements.

Innovation Day is also a venue to celebrate outstanding achievements in the chemical industry. Two medals were presented on September 23. The 2010 SCI Gordon E. Moore Medal, which recognizes early-career successes in innovation, was awarded to Dr. Emmett Crawford of Eastman Chemical for his invention of Eastman Tritan Copolyester. Dr. Ronald Breslow was presented with the 2010 Perkin Medal in recognition of his outstanding work in applied chemistry.

CHF thanks everyone who helped make the 2010 Innovation Day a great success! For more information on the event, please keep an eye out for the Innovation Day final report, which will be available on our Web site in coming months.

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